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Frequently Asked Questions About My Book and Podcast


Answer: As a nation among nations, America stands alone and apart in virtually every sociological, technological, medical, agricultural, economic, and spiritual category. I wanted to know why that happened. My book answers that question.

Answer: A researcher must follow wherever the path leads. Because America was founded by Puritans, and because they came to this continent searching for religious freedom and not in search of plunder, America’s earliest social mores derived from Puritan belief, belief totally immersed in Judeo-Christian doctrine.

Answer: To varying degrees, yes, but not all religions drive the quality of one’s life in the same way. While each religion contains worthwhile philosophical elements, none compares to Judo-Christianity’s imperative to advance the quality of human life. The history of Western Civilization makes this clear.

i. Answer: Yes, and rapidly. This is evidenced by the sharp, and sharpening, divide between segments of our population. On the Left, sex—including abortion, pornography, transitionism, homosexuality, child sexualization, and sexual exploitation of women—drug legalization and use, lavish government spending to keep politicians in power, and general deceit dominates the agenda. Contrarily, clear thinking contravenes virtually every one of the above categories. Our nation’s future hangs in the balance of the percentage of voters espousing each side.

Answer: Across the ages, many civilizations have come and gone. The arcs that each followed were similar; difficult beginning that led to societal character, prosperity based upon that societal character, corruption of the individual stemming from prosperity, and corruption of the State populated by corrupt individuals. America is teetering between societal character and corruption. One must be philosophically blind not to notice.

Answer: Absolutely. Several nations—Peoples—have ridden this cycle for centuries, Jewish history making the point most clearly. Needed to sustain the prosperous portion of the arc are sufficient citizens espousing and living those principles listed in The American Mind: The Answer. If you haven’t yet read the book, you cannot do so soon enough. The same goes for your family and friends.

Answer: Weekly originally, but more often as pressure dictates the need to respond to an unfavorable political or societal situation. Be sure you subscribe.